Build your macarons tower - 70pcs

Build your macarons tower - 70pcs

Going the extra mile to make everyone smile is what always gets remembered.

If you’re having a moderately-sized party, get a Medium Tower to entertain at least 25-35 guests with 5 beautiful tiers that hold 70 macarons

Customizable for up to every single macaron, the design possibilities are endless. Create a varied platter of only three for a trichromatic design or go for a striped look by choosing only two, making a fashionable statement that’s equal parts tasty.

Quantities per layer are distributed from the top:

Layer 1 (top/smallest): 5 macarons

Layer 2: 10 macarons

Layer 3: 14 macarons

Layer 4: 18 macarons

Layer 5 (bottom/largest): 22 macarons


Email us and we are happy to help set up the flavors for your tower or leave the selections empty and get a variety of everything!

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