Animal Cracker $2.75
Colorful sprinkles, pretty in pink, and a hint of nostalgia... We’ve taken those classic animal crackers you used to have at school lunch and gave them a fun and tasty new twist! Animal Cracker ganache with a crunchy animal cracker center, just as good as you remembered, only better! Characteristics: Plain pink macaron shell with rainbow sprinkles Vanilla white chocolate ganache  White chocolate animal cracker bark
Birthday Cake $2.75
Whether you’re celebrating a special day or the simple beauty of the presence, nothing makes the day sweeter like a Birthday Cake macaron. Treat every day like it’s your birthday, with a bright and colorful bite-sized gift. Renowned for its vanilla funfetti buttercream flavoring, squeezed between two funfetti cakes, the gluten-free treat offers a classic taste that’s sure to make you feel like a kid again. Characteristics: Gluten-Free Macaron with sprinkles Vanilla Buttercream Birthday Cake Center (Gluten-Free)
Brownie Batter $2.50
There is nothing like an ooey gooey hot brownie… as you break it apart, the chocolate seeps out of the center and wakes up your senses. Warm brownies on a chilly day always hit the spot.   If this has you fantasizing of brownies, join the crowd!  Here at [ma-ka-rohn], we take our velvety smooth fudgy ganache and combine it with our gluten free brownie batter to give you the ultimate taste of chocolatey goodness… but we don’t stop there.  Our macaron shells are then infused with a decadent earthy cocoa, which is then baked to precision. A real treat for both chocolate lovers and brownie fanatics alike. Characteristics: Gluten Free  Brownie Batter Chocolate Ganache Chocolate macaron cookie
Chocolate Stout $3.00
Our chocolate stout macaron combines chocolate and Guinness to make a cookie you will love.  The dark chocolate ganache blends together with the Guinness beer to create a dark, delicious filling. The shell is plain black with a gold shimmer sprinkled on top to create a crisp and beautiful macaron anyone will love. Characteristic : Black and gold macaron shell Guinness infused chocolate ganache
Chocolate Truffle $2.50
This chocolate truffle macaron is for every chocolate lover out there! Indulge in a creamy dark chocolate ganache center, surrounded by two chocolate macaron cookies, kissed with cocoa dust! Characteristics:  Gluten free Chocolate brown shell dusted with cocoa powder and cooked with cocoa powder  Dark chocolate and milk ganache 
Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.75
Back by popular demand :) Characteristics: Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Swirl Macaron Shell. 24 hour infused Cinnamon Toast Crunch Buttercream. Cinnamon Toast Crunch White Chocolate Crisp.    
Cotton Candy $2.50
Fair food is always the best food, but what happens when the fair is not in town? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!  This colorful cookie contains pink and blue shells to match the classic colors of a hand-spun fluffy cotton candy packed in a small little bite-size macaron. A cotton candy-infused buttercream center brings it all together perfectly.  Characteristics: Gluten-Free Cotton candy buttercream Pink and blue swirl shells
Crème brûlée $2.50
With a creamy vanilla base mixed with sweet caramel and topped with a warm layer of hardened sugar; the French really know how to make dessert.  Our take on the classic custard contains a beautiful golden shell filled with vanilla white chocolate ganache and mixed with burned butter caramel. Our French inspired macaron is the crème de la crème! Characteristics Gold splattered yellow macarons shells Vanilla Crème Brûlée ganache Caramel bits
Dark Choco Caramel Sea Salt $2.75
Not many things are perfect in life, but if there’s one thing that comes close it’s chocolate. The popular ingredient proves life has many perfections, especially when it comes to our signature Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Flavor. Filled with Swiss chocolate ganache and handmade caramel from the inside, they make the perfect doorstep dessert. With an added pinch of sea salt and dusted chocolate along the shell, choco-lovers are sure to fall head over heels. Characteristics: Gluten Free  Signature dark chocolate ganache. Sea salt caramel center Chocolate macaron cookie Powder Chocolate dusted shell
Ferrero Rocher $2.50
The ultimate macaron for Ferrero Rocher lovers!   In this macaron we’ve bundled a chunk of a chocolate-hazelnut crisp wafer and surrounded it with our, oh so, creamy hazelnut chocolate ganache. We took it to the next level by wrapping it all up for you in a golden, flaky, and sweet macaron shell.  Unwrap the magic of this macaron today! Characteristics: Gold Dusted Macaron Shells Gold Dusted Cookie Crumb Decor Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache Chocolate Hazelnut Waffer Crisp
Fruity Pebble $2.50
It’s the little things that make childhood bright, whether it’s following your Mom through the grocery store or waking up to a Saturday morning cartoon. Take a walk down memory lane by bringing out the kid in you with one of our Fruity Pebble Macarons. A gluten-free treat with Fruity-Pebble-infused buttercream filling, the soft shells painted in a loud shade of pink & green are sure to take you back. With a crunchy center and soft outside, you’ll be in heaven the moment they arrive. Characteristics: Gluten-Free Marble Pink and Green Shell Fruity Pebbles Buttercream Fruity Pebbles Crunch center Shipping Information:  Flat rate nationwide shipping $9.99 on all order Minimum order requirement $23.99 Due to the delicate nature of macarons orders only ships Monday - Wednesday
Galaxy - Milky Way $2.75
Whether you’re on a secret space mission or just in the mood for a sweet treat, you’ll want to try our galaxy macaron.  This cosmic shell is made with a swirled black and purple mix, sprinkled with edible stars, and dusted with an iridescent glitter to give it that out of this world appearance. What’s in the middle? Oh yeah, a GIANT chunk of a Milky Way bar surrounded by our delicious chocolate ganache. Characteristics Swirled Black and Purple Macaron Shell Edible Stars White Speckles Chocolate Ganache Milky Way center
Irish Coffee $2.50
You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy these macarons, but you do have to enjoy spiced coffee! Irish coffee embodies the mantra of “it’s five o’clock somewhere”. That taste and concept is now available in our bite sized macarons. Our cookie is filled with a mix of white chocolate ganache, baileys, and Kahlua. . Characteristics:  plain white and dark brown macaron shells  white chocolate ganache  infused with Baileys and Kahlua 
Key Lime Pie $2.75
Characteristics: Gluten-Free Key lime pie ganache Graham cracker covered light green macaron shells
Mimosa $2.75
Characteristics: Gluten-Free Macaron with shimmered sugar pearls Orange and Champagne Ganache
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich $2.75 $3.00
 Will leave the menu Sunday June 4th 2023 Characteristics: Purple macaron shells topped with sprinkles Peanut Butter Ganache. Homemade Strawberry Jelly Center
Pistachio $2.50
Do you go nuts for all things pistachio? So do we.  We’ve imported our pistachios in from France which we use to make our most authentic pistachio paste. We combine it with our rich ganache and sandwich it between two emerald green macaron shells.  PISTACHIOS...Yum! Characteristics: Gluten Free Pistachio ganache Green macaron shells
Red Velvet $2.50
Here’s to all my red velvet lovers out there, it's a sweet new take on a traditional favorite. A macaron that you’ll definitely want to get to know better and never want to des-sert! A heavenly cream cheese frosting is the star of this show, velvety smooth and oh so rich. Then, piped onto a cocoa-infused scarlet red macaron shell, which gives it its classic yet daring appeal.  Sinfully delicious. Characteristics: Gluten Free Red Chocolate Macarons Cream Cheese Frosting
Rosé $2.50
Rosé all day? Ummm yes, please! A Pretty in Pink macaron with white and pink sprinkles, smooth and creamy white chocolate ganache pairs well with a rosé reduction. Try one...or a couple today!
Salted Caramel $2.50
Characteristics: Gluten-Free Caramel Filling Fleur de sel Brown macaron shells
Strawberry Shortcake $2.50
Sweet juicy strawberries mixed with creamy vanilla, we have taken the delicious taste of this traditional southern desert and turned it into a bite-sized macaron.  Our cookie is filled with sweet strawberry buttercream, made with freeze-dried strawberries, and mixed with a vanilla bean cake. The filling is contained between two pink shells topped with a red shimmer. Characteristics: Contain Gluten Pink Macarons Shell Strawberry Shortcake Buttercream
Tiramisu $2.75
French macarons with an Italian flare? Cocoa dusted cream macaron with a creamy mascarpone buttercream surrounding a dollop of dark chocolate coffee infused ganache …YUM! Characteristics:  White macaron shell dusted with dark cocoa powder  Mascarpone buttercream  Double filled cookie with buttercream and caramel  coffee ganache
Toasted Marshmallow $2.50
Nothing makes a moment better than a surprise sweet. Take hold of your day by seeking out a special flavor, one of the most cherished being our newest Toasted Marshmallow Macarons, a gluten-free sandwich cookie with bright blue macaron shells and a homemade Marshmallow-fluff filling. Burned to crispy perfection before closed in a warm box, each cookie is an awesome way to make the day special. Characteristics: Gluten Free Blue Macaron Shell Homemade Toasted  Marshmallow
Vanilla Buttercream $2.50
Exotics and oddities are fun when it comes to taste-testing, but there’s nothing quite like the classics. If you’re the type to enjoy the simple flavors, indulge in a Vanilla Buttercream Macaron for a sugary journey. Made from 100% gluten-free ingredients, the unique blend of vanilla buttercream makes up an angelic filling while the white macaron shells hold it together. Topped with vanilla sugar, these cookies are the bee’s knees of tradition. Characteristics: Gluten Free White macaron shell Vanilla buttercream


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