About Us

We are striving to bring macarons into their full glory and share our passion with America.

For six years we have been plotting our launch to make these tasty French treats more American friendly and we are proud to announce we are finally ready!

Let’s go back to the beginning...

In 2009 a girl from Miami and a boy from southern France both decided to go to school in Perpignan, France at the Olivier Bajard International School of Pastry.
In just a few weeks they had bonded over their love of sweets and were inseparable.
After school they moved back to Miami to practice their newly acquired skills by working in the industry and at one of Miami’s most beloved brunch spots: The Biltmore Hotel

They got married and a year and a half later, wanting to expand their knowledge they decided to travel and also move to another city: Las Vegas!
To keep learning new things in the wonderful world of pastry they procured jobs at two of Las Vegas’ hottest tourist stops, The Aria Hotel (sister to the Bellagio) and at Gordon Ramsay’s newest Las Vegas restaurant.
In October of 2014 they welcomed their first macaron monster (a baby) into the world and had decided it was time to move back to Miami.
During the last 6 years we have traveled around the US and Europe tasting every macaron, testing for excellence, taking notes and creating our ultimate menu.
We've been sampling every recipe option until we found the right ones and then we tweaked them to perfection.

We are always evolving to better our macarons and looking to elevate the customer experience.

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