Build your macarons tower - 240pcs

Build your macarons tower - 240pcs

Bronze and silver are admirable awards, but nothing feels better than feasting your eyes on the gold.

Treat your guests with the crème of the crop by getting the Extra Large Tower, an Everest-like structure that holds 240 macarons sure to please everyone. Suggested for grand events with 100 or more guests.

With so many options, each member of your party will not only be able to try each flavor twice, but keep an ongoing smile in between each taste test.

This tower set-up comes equipped with everything you need to design 8 layers of macarons with a beautiful clear plexiglass base that can be added or removed depending on how high you want the tower to overlook your table. 

Quantities per layer are distributed from the top:

Layer 1 (top/smallest): 5 macarons

Layer 2: 10 macarons

Layer 3: 14 macarons

Layer 4: 18 macarons

Layer 5: 22 macarons

Layer 6: 26 macarons

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