French Tradition, American Spirit

Our philosophy is: French Tradition, American Spirit. The best of both worlds!
We use the finest ingredients and our classic training to bring American and French flavors together in one place.
Focusing on perfecting traditional French flavors in a gourmet way and incorporating popular American flavors everyone is sure to find something they'll love!
From Pistachio to Cookies & Cream we've got it all.
You work hard! Treat yourself or someone you love with some macarons!
Here at [ma-ka-rohn] we know what hard work is like and we are all about treating ourselves for a job well done!
Whether you're busy being your jobs superstar, running after the little ones or simply bored in your cubicle, you definitely deserve a break!
Say yes to some sweets.
Let us bring some colors into your life, get macarons right to your doorstep anywhere in the United States.
"A macaron a day keeps the worries away"