Chocolate Covevered Strawberry - Mak'mallows
Chocolate Covevered Strawberry - Mak'mallows
Chocolate Covevered Strawberry - Mak'mallows
Chocolate Covevered Strawberry - Mak'mallows

Chocolate Covevered Strawberry - Mak'mallows

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Contains 12  Mak'Mallows


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mak'Mallows: Chill, Charm, and Cherish

Hey there! Ready for a snack that's as chill and charming as your playlist? Meet our Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mak'Mallows. Packed with 12 pieces of pure joy, they're here to add a sprinkle of sweetness to your day and night. Whether it's for a cozy movie night, a study break, or just some me-time, these treats are your go-to snack buddies.

What's Inside? Imagine this: strawberry-flavored marshmallows so dreamy, they're like a summer daydream in a bite. Wrapped in a smooth chocolate embrace and nestled between two delicate macaron cookies, it’s a flavor combo that’s meant to be.

Here's Why You'll Love It:

  • Berrylicious Bliss: Dive into the strawberry goodness that's authentic, fresh, and oh-so-yummy.
  • Choco-Luxe: It’s not just chocolate; it’s a rich and velvety experience that makes every bite a moment.
  • Picture-Perfect Snacking: Not only do they taste amaze, but they're also the cutest addition to your snack lineup. Perfect for those snack snaps you love to share.

So, grab a pack of Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mak'Mallows, find your favorite spot, and let each bite take you to your happy place. It’s all about enjoying the little things, and trust us, these treats are a big deal. #ChillWithMakMallows

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How do we ship?

  • Our macarons are shipped in plastic blister boxes where each macaron is protected in its own individual pocket, these blister packages are plastic shrink sealed to guard freshness.
  • Blister packages are placed in medical grade insulated envelopes with ice packs to avoid our fillings from shifting or melting during transit.
  • These envelopes are then packed with bubble wrap and placed inside the shipping box to avoid excess movement during transit. 

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