Macaron of the Month Club

Macaron of the Month Club

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*Might be packed in a heart shape box at no extra charge depending on availability :)


    • 2x Churros
    • 2x Hibiscus
    • 2x Horchata
    • 2x  Limon Chia
    • 2x Mango Chili Lime
    • 2x Mexican Hot Chocolate


    • 2x Honey Lavender 
    • 2x Japanese Cherry Blossom
    • 2x Jasmine Apricot 
    • 2x Pear Elderflower 
    • 2x Poppy Seed
    • 2x Rose Raspberry  


  • 3x Lucky Charms Macarons
  • 3x Chocolate Stout Macarons
  • 3x Irish Cream Macarons
  • 3x Ferrero Rocher Macarons


  • 3x Passion Fruit
  • 3x Nutella
  • 3x Key Lime Pie
  • 3x Salted Caramel



    • 3x Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
    • 3x Nutella
    • 3x Cookie Butter
    • 3x Blueberry Cheesecake


    • 3x Cinnamon Rolls
    • 3x Gingerbread
    • 3x Champagne
    • 3x Ferrero Rocher


    • 3x Cornbread
    • 3x Pumpkin Cheesecake
    • 3x Pecan Pie
    • 3x Sweet Potato Pie


    • 2x Caramel Apple
    • 2x Candy Corn
    • 2x KitKat
    • 2x M&M's
    • 2x Poison Apple
    • 2x Spooky Grapes


    • 3x Strawberry Tart
    • 3x Lemon Meringue Pie
    • 3x Blueberry Cheesecake
    • 3x Black Forest


    • 3x Guava
    • 3x Raspberry Lemonade
    • 3x Mango Chili Lime
    • 3x Earl Gray Tea


    • 3x Honey Lavender
    • 3x Japanese Cherry Blossom
    • 3x Jasmine Apricot
    • 3x Rose Raspberry


    • 2x Chocolate Stout
    • 2x Smore's
    • 2x Pistachio
    • 2x Irish Coffee
    • 2x Peanut Butter Cup
    • 2x Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel

    MAY BOX :

      • 3x Truffle 
      • 3x Mimosa
      • 3x


      • Rosé
      • 3x 


    • Strawberry Shortcake


    • 3x Cadburry Eggs
    • 3x Lemon Marshmallow
    • 3x Peanut Butter
    • 3x Rose Raspberry Jam


    • 2x Chocolate Covered Strawberry
    • 2x Chocolate Truffle
    • 2x Animal Cracker
    • 2x Red Velvet
    • 4x Rose Raspberry


    • 3x Champagne Macarons 
    • 3x Black Tie Macarons 
    • 3x Fruity Pebble Macarons 
    • 3x Birthday Cake Macarons 

          Never miss a flavor ever again!

          We try to come out with two to three new flavors a month, and as much as we would love to keep every macaron on the menu at all times it is technically impossible (even though we try our best).


          If just like me, you are a macaron fanatic and just want to experience every flavor you can get your hands on you need to join the club!

          Fight the FOMO, get new flavors as they come out.


          *Prices are subject to change without notice but would be reflected in your upcoming auto charge notification email.

          Processing and costs:
          • Processing can take 2-3 days depending on how busy we are.
          • We use USPS as our shipping partners. 
          • Our "Standard Shipping" option is USPS priority mail which typically takes 2-3 days in transit.
          • Flat rate nationwide shipping is $10.99 on all orders or free over $60
          • Packages can be shipped UPS overnight or 2 days by request only, these packages would be subject to surcharge.
          • If you need your order for a specific date or event please contact us in advance as our processing times are subject o change without notice. 

          Shipping Zones:

          • Nationwide shipping covers continental US
          • Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
          • Most Air Force or military bases worldwide. 

          How do we ship?

          • Our macarons are shipped in plastic blister boxes where each macaron is protected in its own individual pocket, these blister packages are plastic shrink sealed to guard freshness.
          • Blister packages are placed in medical grade insulated envelopes with ice packs to avoid our fillings from shifting or melting during transit.
          • These envelopes are then packed with bubble wrap and placed inside the shipping box to avoid excess movement during transit. 

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