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Top 10 best macaron videos we've ever posted on Instagram
We love making macaron videos, almost as much as we love baking them.
It's just so fun and creative, it really helps us come out with crazier and crazier flavors!
So here it is, for you to enjoy, our top 10 best videos.



 10. How to make macarons with magic




This video is actually one of our first posts ever!
We did it a year ago when we had plenty of time on our hands (which is definitely not the case anymore!)
It was done picture by picture and took over three hours to finish


 9. Nutella Macaron



Who doesn't like Nutella?! This video shows you what really goes in our Nutella macarons.
It starts with a gold splattered chocolate macaron shell and then is double stuffed with Nutella ganache and straight Nutella! 
This was a really hard video to shoot as I couldn't resist the urge to eat them all!

 8. Red Velvet Macaron in the making



Have you ever tried our Red Velvet macarons!?
Did you even know that we put real gluten free red velvet cake in them?
Boom! Now you know :)

 7.The birth of the pink owls macarons



 How cute are these little owls? One of our earliest works again, they were so fun to make...


 6. Step by Step video Carambar macarons



How attractive is that salty carambar filling?
So shinny and smooth! And the salt sprinkled on top... my mouth is watering!

5.Life is full of surprises, so is our Snickers macaron


This video doesn't require much explanation. Yes, that is a huge chunk of an actual Snickers bar inside the filling of this macaron.
You're welcome.


 4. The art of the perfect Tiramisu macaron


 This is personally my favorite macaron. Just watching this video makes me want to get up, go to the fridge and pull one out... But that would be bad business, also I've already had 4 today. 

 3. Fruity Pebble macaron madness


 It didn't take us too long to figure out the perfect recipe for this Fruity Pebble macaron, we just tried to pack it with as much cereal as humanly possible. With how much our fans respond to this flavor, we think we hit a home run.

 2.Y.O.L.O: You Obviously Love Oreos

Grab a big glass of milk and one of these cookies and cream macarons, I swear you wont be disappointed. This is one of our most popular macarons, and for a very good reason! Watch the video and you'll understand why, you can thank us later. 

 1. Toasted Marshmallow Macaron


If you want the whole story on this macaron, check out our blog post, its pretty funny. The short version is we tried to do something else and failed miserably and still needed a blue macaron and this is what we came up with at 3am. By its current popularity we will probably keep it around for a bit because the toasted marshmallow is too good to let go any time soon!
July 16, 2016 by the [ma-ka-rohn] team

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