Toasted Marsmallow macarons

Toasted Marsmallow macarons

Like many other pastries or famous food dishes our toasted marshmallow recipe is before all, the story of a mistake.

Here's how it all started...

A couple weeks ago one of our favorite customers requested a pretty large order of macarons for what seemed to be a pre 4th of July party. Each favor box needed to be filled with three different macarons: a red one, a blue one, and a white one. This is where everything got complicated, because here at [ma-ka-rohn] our biggest struggle (I'm sure it's going to make you laugh) is BLUE macarons. 
We know that sounds stupid but since we first opened we turned totally O.C.D with color and flavor combinations.


Every time we come up with a new flavor idea we first debate about the flavor itself, then about how we are going to keep the flavor as close as its supposed to taste in it's natural form, and then we decide about a color representing the flavors best. 
This why the cotton candy is pink/white and blue, the apricot/pistachio is orange, rose/raspberry is on and so on. 
This process takes hours!!! And finding flavors fitting a blue macaron has been painstakingly hard. 
There are not a lot of things that we like that are naturally blue, we pretty much always come up with blueberry pie or blue raspberry
Which both sound awesome in their own right but come on, having only two ideas falls pretty short... 
So after brainstorming for days  and not finding any fun ideas, the lightening struck while being in the most simple of places: the cereal aisle.
We saw some blue there, blue took the form of cereal box, totally unexpected, totally blue: a Rice Krispy cereal box!

At that moment we decided that our next blue macaron would be a Rice Krispy treat macaron.

 One of my favorite treats while growing up :) Little did we know how hard it would actually be to accomplish (at least correctly, because you know... overachievers).

Now that we talked about the idea lets head up to the fun part of the story, the kitchen part:
I don't know if you've ever made macarons at home but if you have you know that it is a pretty complex and time consuming process. 
Over 30 different steps and 8 hours of someones time goes into making these little treats.
 Where it gets complicated with us is that we work nights, if you follow us on Snapchat (@makarohn) you probably realized that when we do snap, we only do from 5pm to after midnight. 
So when anything goes wrong we are there until the wee hours of the morning, which gets pretty exhausting by the end!


And this is how the toasted marshmallow was born, from Rice Krispy Treat macarons gone wrong.

We actually made Rice Krispy treat macarons! 
We made homemade marshmallow fluff, homemade brown butter Rice Krispy Treats, pretty blue macaron shells (who came out so adorable!) by 1 am all the components of an on paper perfect macaron were made.
 But here is were the overachieving kicks in... it didn't taste quite as perfect as we had imagined. It tasted delicious, but not enough like Rice Krispy treats.
We loved the macaron itself, loved loved loved the marshmallow...but didn't think  it could make it on the menu as is. 
So, right before completely giving up and donating all those shells to friends and family (they probably love all our mistakes by now) we decided that we might as well improvise and play around with it.

So here it went, playing mad scientist at 2 am.

We dusted some with chocolate powder, other with freeze dried strawberry, we flavored the marshmallow with lemon extract... in other word we started to have fun again after how sad it all turned up. By 3 am, lightening struck again and we grabbed a torch and started toasting the marshmallow. 



The result was on point: freshly burnt, simply delicious.This is how we ended up with the toasted marshmallow macarons on the menu. Best mistake we ever made :)

So ladies an gentlemen, we are happy to introduce the toasted marshmallow macarons!
Enjoy them while they last, they might be a really limited edition and wont promise that they will be around forever.
If you want to get some of these awesome macarons delivered to your house, simply Click here


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