Guess who made it to the miami top 10 gluten free places?
Over the past few months, Munch Miami has had the pleasure of reviewing many gluten-free restaurants and cafes around South Florida. Some have actual gluten-free menus or items, and some show their flexibility and hospitality by being accommodating. As gluten-free awareness grows, we wanted to make a top 10 list of our favorites for Celiac and gluten-free eaters to have for quick referencing… and the winners are:
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Gluten-Free Doesn’t Have to be Bland!
We’ve all known for some time now that macarons are a sweet treat everyone can enjoy, but not everyone can enjoy a simple sweet treat.
Did you know that 1 in 133 people suffer from Celiac Disease in the United States! 
That’s a whole lot of cookies, cakes, and
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