Raspberry Lemonade Macarons

Raspberry Lemonade Macarons

Cool off with our delicious raspberry lemonade macaron!

Inspired by the memory of a perfect summer, where all I had to do was enjoying being out, relaxing in the hot summer day.

Calm days at the sunlit beach, or just relaxing in your backyard – lying in a hammock as you bask in the warmth of the sun on your skin, while enjoying long sips of a good old-fashioned lemonade.

Don't forget about the ice, please!

Let's all cheers and have a sip to my ideal summer.

But anyway, back to macaron time, at least we now have this irresistibly refreshing fresh raspberry lemonade mac!


Our Raspberry Lemonade macaron is made out of two different components: 


  1. Red Splattered Orange macaron shell.
  2. Fresh lemon and Raspberry Ganache


If, just like me, you enjoy the sweet and tart flavors of citrus lemons and delicious fresh raspberry, this new macaron is going to be your new favorite.

Want to see what the Raspberry Lemonade macaron looks like?

Here is a short video of it being made




I love lemonade lately.

I love it’s balance of sweet and tart and when you use fresh fruit it makes a world of difference. 


If you share my love for it I highly recommend you try our new mac!


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