Harry Potter Butterbeer Macarons

Old Love..

In 1998, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released; at the time I was 13 and Harry was 10 turning 11. I remember hearing about the books before I got my own copy and as soon as I began to read the first few pages of that new hardback that smelled so familiar, I knew I was hooked. I devoured the first book and ached for more. To my luck, J.K. Rowling had been hard at work and released the next few books almost back to back only fueling my desire to delve more and more into the wonderful world of Harry Potter and his marvelous friends.


As I grew, the characters grew with me, their struggles and dilemmas were mirror images of the feelings that I faced in my own life (besides failing Potions and battling dark wizards, of course.) That is the mark of a true writer - to captivate the audience and make them feel as though they are inside the story themselves, align with the realness of the characters and relate to their problems - which only made us love them more. These stories deal with all sorts of life trials that taught us lessons in love, friendship, family, loyalty and loss, the list is really endless.


As you can see, I LOVE these books.


When Islands of Adventure (finally) opened the Harry Potter world in Orlando, I was like a kid at Christmas, nothing could keep me away! The day I got to experience it for myself I was so elated I was almost in tears (or let's be honest, I probably cried a little.)  As I crossed the threshold into that magical world I had imagined for so long, I could feel the rush of Harry's stories coming back to me. (Move out of my way kids, I've been waiting for this for 10 years!) Alas I felt at peace, at home, and like I was about to explode with excitement all at once. Everyone around me had the same giddy grin on their face that I did as they walked through this magical world come to life. (Seriously though, can I just live there?)

Seriously though, can I just live there?

When you read the books you imagine the life and the characters; when you watch the movies you can see all the things you had pictured, hear and feel their emotions; but when you go to Island of Adventure you get to touch and feel and TASTE all of the amazing things you could only imagine for so long. I guess I grew a sort of love affair with Butterbeer once I finally walked into Hogsmead. The sweet buttery caramel taste really transports you to the wizarding world. (Hold that thought... I think I just saw Hermione.)

 Colliding my worlds...

(False alarm... Now where was I?) So when we here at [ma-ka-rohn] found out there was an 8th story of the Harry Potter series being released, we knew we had to celebrate with a limited edition Butterbeer flavored macaron. After going to the bookstore and waiting to get my brand new copy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I basked in the new book smell for as long as I could and then got to brainstorming about ideas.

Butterbeer macarons

This limited edition Gryffindor themed Butterbeer macaron is the culmination of almost 20 years of love for a world that might not truly exist although all of us Potterheads wish did. I hope that you enjoy eating these macarons as much as I enjoyed my trip down memory lane (aka Privet drive) to create them for you. Now if you will excuse me, I have some reading to finish!



  • Victoria

    That’s exactly how I feel about HP!! And everytime I visit the parks (florida resident) my heart feels at home. Also Macarons are a religion for me… can’t we just keep them around permanently?? Pleeeeeease? Also, can I get some Slytherin love?

  • Becca Flecka

    Do you know when you’ll have the HP macs back?! I’m dying to try them!!

  • Kathy Fager

    Live everythung Harry Pottera!!!!!!

  • Virginia Lopez

    My brother was an avid HP fan he would have loved this – been a must to try! We’ll have to get some for his birthday! I hope they’ll still be around!

  • Reanna

    You’ve described exactly how I feel at the Wizarding World :D

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