Ferrero Rocher Macarons

       At my house, we are chocolate fanatics. So it's no surprise that these little chocolates are always available, somewhere, hidden, like a secret reward to treat yourself every time you mistakenly come across the box (you know, after you went searching for it because you just couldn't resist).

          So imagine my surprise when the last time I visited my in-laws overseas for the holidays, this familiar little box was in the kitchen upon our arrival. I was giddy with joy, to say the least.

For my second family, these treats are not a year-round occurrence but an annual treat for the holidays, which gave them all reason to savor. We sat around the table after Christmas Eve dinner and my beautiful mother-in-law (Lucette) gave each of us a handful of these chocolates.

We shared a sweet moment together laughing and spending quality time as a family that we rarely get to share. Although I have lived with these gold wrapped treats my whole life, sharing them on that special day, with my all too far away family, made them shine again.

When it was time to make new flavors for the holiday season, this reincarnation of love immediately sprung to mind. This year, become a part of our family and share in the tradition of enjoying sweet treats with your loved ones. 

         Our Ferrero Rocher macarons are decorated with crispy wafer pieces dusted in gold and filled with a fresh hazelnut praline mixed into a 62% chocolate ganache and finished with half a hazelnut.

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  • Chantel DaCosta

    Just ordered a party box! So excited, but also bummed I didn’t have the option of order the ferrero rocher, butterfinger, & snickers. :(

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