Macarons Subscription: How it works

Macarons Subscription: How it works

Never miss a flavor ever again

We try to come out with two to three new flavors a month, and as much as  we would love to keep every macaron on the menu at all times  it is technically impossible (even though we try our best).


If,  just like me, you are a macaron fanatic and just want to experience every flavor you can get your hands on you need to join the club!

Fight the FOMO, get new flavors as they come out.


But how does it work?

It's as easy at one, two, three:

  1.  Head out to the subscription section
  2. Select a box size and a frequency you would like to receive your macs
  3. Checkout and wait for your goodies to show up to your doorstep


 How often can I get my macarons?

You can choose to get your macarons on a weekly or monthly bases.

  • You can get your macarons delivered every 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
  • You can get your macarons delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months.


    Can I ever skip a shipment or get them delivered to a different address?

    Yes you surely can!

    You can skip a shipment or get your macarons sent to a different address up to 24 hours before your next shipment.

    Perfect if you are going away for the week end, going on vacation or simply want to gift them to a friend.

    You can control everything from your subscription dashboard! No need to even contact us to make changes, you are totally free to do as you please (we are, of course, always there if you need help)


    How many size boxes are available to subscribers?

    We offer 4 different sizes with four different perks.


    Starter box subscription
    The Starter box fits 7 macarons and comes with 10% off each order.
    Classic box subscription
    Our Classic box comes loaded with 12 macarons and also comes with 10%  off each order. At the moment, this is our subscribers favorite option.
    Macaron Lovers subscription
    Our Macaron lovers box comes loaded with 24 macarons. This box comes with $5 off shipping.
    Party box subscription
    Our Party box comes loaded with 35 macarons. This box comes with Free shipping.

    Other Frequently Asked Questions!

    Can I change my flavors or will I be stuck with the flavors I pick on my first order?

    Yes you can! You will receive an automated email 3 days before we ship your new box. 

    We will ask you if you'd like to pick new flavor for your next order or if you rather get a surprise box with all our newest additions!

    Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription or is it set into stone?

    Yes you can!

    You can change your box size, frequency or shipping address at any moment from your dashboard

    Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes you can cancel anytime after your third shipment.

    If you want to cancel before the minimum of 3 orders we do offer a $5 early cancellation fee.

    Can I gift a subscription?

    Yes you can!

    To do so please contact us via email.

    You can pick your gift subscription length and prepay for it if you'd like!

    This is the perfect gift for any macaron lover!

     Start a subscription today

    If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at 

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