Red Velvet Macaron: creating our next flavor together

Red Velvet Macaron: creating our next flavor together

You're a human being and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cake  - Emma Stone

Last month we asked our Newsletter subscribers and Instagram followers to help us create our next flavor.

Two surveys later and here we are! A new flavor under our belt and the winning one:  Red Velvet.

We are thrilled that so many of you participated in this vote. (Part 1, Part 2)

Between both polls over four hundred of you expressed your opinion!

We listened to all your feedback and even if we didn't pick your flavor we might keep it in our back pocket for sometime in the future.

So Red Velvet it is!

Once the votes closed we were on a mission: making the best Red Velvet macaron ever.
We didn't just want to give you a sub-par macaron, almost everybody at this point is doing this flavor .
We then put our aprons on, brought all the red velvet recipes we could get our hands on, and headed back to the kitchen.  
After spending a few days trying all the cakes, cream cheese frostings, hybrid buttercreams, and so on, we settled with a three component macaron.


What makes this macaron so special is:

  1.  Red velvet macaron shell
  2. Signature cream cheese frosting
  3. Glutten Free red velvet cake


Can't imagine what it could be like?

Drool alert! Here it is: red velvet macaron in the making


I hope it was as satisfying to watch for you as it is for me!

It was an incredible experience to have you pick our new flavor, if you didn't get the chance to help us pick, simply subscribe to our Newsletter or to follow us on social media @makarohn to get a chance to pick next time!

If you'd like to start a box and taste it for yourself: Click Here to get some delivered right to your home!


Wishing you an amazing day from sunny Florida,

The [ma-ka-rohn] team.

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