Flavor Alert: Fruity Pebbles are back

Flavor Alert: Fruity Pebbles are back

Welcome to Fruity Pebble Heaven

Okay we know, the Fruity Pebble macaron
is not really a new flavor, we had it on the menu only a few months ago!
But in our own defense everybody loved it so much it was hard not to bring it back.
There hasn't been one day without someone asking us to do so!
We received tons of e-mails, texts, Instagram comments, and Facebook messages:  We just couldn't take it anymore!


So last Monday we had a little meeting to put an end to the Fruity Pebble craziness...
We put it to a vote, and here it is...back on the menu!
(If you ever want a flavor back, now you know how to do it!)



Our Fruity Pebble macaron is made out of three different components: 


  1. Pink and Green macaron shells (both colors swirled together)
  2. Fruity Pebbles Buttercream
  3. Our signature Fruity Pebbles crunchy center piece


Want to see what it looks like?

heres a short video of it being made



Does it look delicious?  

We put a little more work and time into our recipes, deepening the flavor and texture of these wonderful little cookies, because we think you should get more than just an average macaron.

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Feel free to leave us a comment, we love reading your opinions!

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