New Flavor Alert: Salty Carambar

New Flavor Alert: Salty Carambar

First a little bit of history!

Carambar is a popular French candy that was created in 1954 by accident! A chocolate company at the time set out to create a new original product and a malfunctioning machine created the signature shape of this classic candy. Made from a mixture of condensed milk and cocoa powder this caramel is chewy and smooth with a hint of chocolate.

Children all over France have memories of these candies due to the amazing taste but also because the inside of the wrapper contains jokes! Carambar is famous for the poor quality of these jokes, and the expression blague Carambar (French: Carambar joke) refers to a bad or childish joke or as we call it here in the US a "dad joke".

Elevating a classic.

We here at [ma-ka-rohn] LOVE our French classics but thought this one could use a little bit of an update.
In the process of turning this favorite into a creamy filling for our macarons we threw in a dash of salt to add a little contrast and a lot of depth of flavor to this new addition to our flavor family

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